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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Price of Freedom

When US came to iraq they said that they well give the iraqi people the freedom and democracy and liberate the people and the country from the dictator but 3 years elapsed from the occupation to my country and no freedom here first i`m sure you heared about the prison of Abu Graib and what`s happend to many prisoners thier how the US soldier torture them,In this week many hundered of students in al mosul university make a demonstration against the frauds at the election results,rise in prices of petrol, to now it`s ok but when the demostration finished many of iraqi police come like a gang and take the responsible on the demonstration with many of his friends from student and take them to unknown place then after 2 days they found them were killed as a result of bestial torture i`m query now?? what kind of freedom is this?? or is it the price of freedom???


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Zeyad said...

Hi Ali, great blog. You're the first Iraqi blogger from Diyala, so that should be something ;)

At 10:35 PM, Blogger Eng. ali said...

Is it agreat blog zeyad i`m new here and i like this blogger and i`m realy wanna continue.

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Jeffrey said...

If Iraqis simply complain that you weren't given "paradise" by the Americans, then Iraq has NO FUTURE.

Our troops will be leaving soon, Ali, and this is your time to stand up and BE A MAN and stop crying like a baby.

Nothing makes Americans more annoyed than to see people complain that everything isn't done for them. Get off your butt. Do something for your country instead of whimpering.

Of course, if you were one of those who want Saddam back, then I hope you burn in hell -- nothing personal.

The elections were very well-done, in my opinion -- Crunching the Numbers -- and I have many great Iraqi friends who will build a future for Iraq.

How about you?

Stand up. Be a man, Ali. Leave the tears for children.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Aunt Najma said...

Ali, I heard about Qusai Salah Al-Deen(The head of the Iraq youth and students union, the man you talked about), but in Mosul, they say he and his friend (Ahmed)were kidnapped by the Peshmerga, not the police, and not arrested. Both of them were found two days ago, dead of course.

This is the price of making a demonstration, we shall learn to stay quiet like we did under Saddam! That's what they want.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Eng. ali said...

Yes najma after wrote my post i`m heared that the two men are kidnapped by the peshmarga and as you said that they wanna as to keep quiet like we under saddam regime and don`t do any thing they not like it.

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Camila Bernardes said...

Hello Ali, I wanted to ask you if you alow me to contact you on yahoo messenger and maybe add your blog in my favorite's list. By the way, nice beginning. Good Luck.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Eng. ali said...

Ok camila you can add me on yahoo messenger

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Treasure of Baghdad said...

hey Ali,

congratulation for the new blog! i am really impressed! welcome to the blogsphere!

At 1:37 AM, Anonymous Dan said...

Hello--I type in Iraq blogs and got many--I chose your's to contact for the first time.
I am a teacher living in the state of Indiana, USA, male, 54 years old, wife & 2 girls.

I am sorry to hear of the death of the student leaders--but am relieved that it seems your police did not do it. I hope that is the case. With the political situation in your country, it would take a great deal of courage to protest anything because any lawless group could appear and do what they did. But this is what must start to happen, I think, in your country if Iraqis are to control their own country and its future. My country has invested its men and its treasure to help you do that. People here that care want that to happen...

It is hard to get news here that is not negative on that goal. I would like to know if things are getting better there, in the areas of daily living--you mentioned the unreliable eletricity--but you are also running a new blog, communicating with the WORLD! What about schools, water, food, fuel, newspapers, travel, and so on...

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous bill said...

hi ali. Thanks for what u offer. A glimpse behind the blackout curtain that is put up so americans can continue to live in dreamland like the perfect example of "The Ugly American"

At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, glad you've decided to blog. Can't wait to hear all the news from Diyala, CSH

At 6:13 PM, Blogger freeman said...

Ali,the US has indeed given you freedom and democracy and liberated you from the dictator.Yes the whole world has heard about the reprehensible treatment of some prisoners at Abu Ghraib by some US soldiers.As to whether or not their humiliation should be viewed as torture is perhaps open to debate.You as a free people have the right to peacefully demonstrate.I have read that those who took the organisors away were not police.Whoever they were they are criminals who should be punished harshly for their evil deeds.The answer to your last two questions Ali is that it is neither freedom nor the price of freedom.It is people who want to take your freedom from you.You must not let them.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Eng. ali said...

Yes who do this evil deeds are a criminal but who can punished them and no budy knew who they are just the government can stopped them.

At 2:14 AM, Anonymous Larry/Canada said...

It's a mess Ali, and I'm sorry that the whole thing had to happen the way it did. If liberating Iraq was a goal, it should have been done right, a million soilders, seal the boarders, world consensus, prevent the insurgancy. There was poor planning, because this was a "feel good" operation, at your countries expense.

Now that things are a mess, the rest of the countries need to step up in a large way. But they would rather let George Bush hang in the wind, because of the way he operates.

It's a mess.

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