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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baquba Situation

What can I write on the life here!! Every body knew the events because all the news in the TV on Iraq and talk about what happened here in the day.
the situation here is very dangerous in baquba every day there is a battle in the street and the people stay inside the cross fire. People very sad because if you wanna to do something or going anywhere you should be think more and more first about from which road you go because we knew the road that every time bombed therefore you should be choice a calm street and if the place you wanna going to it dangerous and you shouldn`t stay outside after the sun set because no one can go out of his home in the night just the police and the military troop there and if the saw any one in the street the maybe killing him or arresting him.
Like me when I wanna go to my work every time I changed the road and I didn`t back from the same road because maybe some one watching me and maybe wanna hurt me, and when I walk in the street am locking to the right,lift and behind me if there is a bomb or anything because many markets bombed by putting the bomb in front of the market I shoud be doing all this things when I wanna going to my work because the company where I work is in the center of baquba where it`s very very dangerous.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

From Baquba

Hi all,
Iam sorry to let you read these bad events but what can I do there isn`t any good news coming from iraq!TodayI saw a car crashed by an explosion near their car and saw 4 burned bodies of a child and the body of their father in new baquba its very sad day for all people here in baquba who heard about this accident.the last days many events happened, On Friday a bomb put on the side of road exploded on an american humvy and it completely destroyed and I take a picture of it from my friend and put it here to let u all see the way my friend works in the associated press.
Last Saturday 6 a.m many armed guys attacked moqtada al sader office in the center of baquba and we heard many sounds of big explosions and machines guns, this fighting continued for 1 hour and the result 2 guys from jaish al mahdey killed(al sader army) and we didn't know if any one from the attacking force was killed or injured.I went there in the morning and we saw the office and we saw a big part of the building falling down and the glass on many markets near the office crashed.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Every Day Scenario

this day is like every day the same kill, i hear today that two police officer women work in a force to protect one of the banks here in baquba get a killed near from there house in the city.
but the new event this day its saddam`s and six former commanders trail for Al-Anfal case campaign that killed tens of thousands of Kurds in the 1980s.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back Again

Hello all,

I`m really happy to come back here again to continue write blogs. I leave this site all that time there was some problem in my work and i was very tired and get a busy all the time but now al hamd lilah we solve this problems.
I didn`t what i write this day for my backing blog!! but i wanna write on the bad situation here,it`s not bad it`s very very bad and realy dengarous.
every day there is between 10 to 15 young man get a killed only in my little city (Baquba) for no reason! and no one know why they killed like this and nobady solve this situation.
this day there is no bombing just a little but there is increasing in the crimes of kill and kidnapping which become very nature thing,every day we hear that some one kidnapped and after a few days the kidnapper call the kidnapped`s parents and ask them to pay thousands of US dollars or he may killed. the bad thing that they maybe payed for the kidnapper without release there son!! just receiving his body droped on the rod.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

THe Election`s Problems

all i`m sorry for not writing a new blog for the last two week cause i`m very busy in my work but I promise all who reading my blogs to keep going and still writing here.
In this night I`m hearing an advert from the local radio station that there is a curfew for three days by an order from the governor of baquba cause tomorrow is the advirtesment of the results of elections and therefor they make this curfew to avoid any problems occouring from the people who dislike this results, but in other hand this my cause a big problem here all the work in the city stop and student couldn`t going to their school or college and thay have a mid year exams, but i`m sure if the result of this election isn`t good as people wanna it and when this 3 days ago it well be a lot of bombs , trouble and many bad thing here and we still there and kepping you knewing the new event happen. God saving you all.
The results of the election stay to thursday and therefore a special forces called " wolf forces" came from baghdad.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hi all, at first merry christmas for all people from all country and happy new year now the clock refered to 12 am in my time that`s mean we enter 2006 I hope this year to be the begining to the new and good future for all iraqi people and leave a denomenationalism and work together like one hand to built or country and improve or life style like other people, I hope it will be a safety year with no bombs no kill no arrests and no more torture , I knew it`s impposible things happend in iraq but every thing must be happend by more patience and more working together.
Are you think i`m right?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

green zone: The Price of Freedom

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The Price of Freedom

When US came to iraq they said that they well give the iraqi people the freedom and democracy and liberate the people and the country from the dictator but 3 years elapsed from the occupation to my country and no freedom here first i`m sure you heared about the prison of Abu Graib and what`s happend to many prisoners thier how the US soldier torture them,In this week many hundered of students in al mosul university make a demonstration against the frauds at the election results,rise in prices of petrol, to now it`s ok but when the demostration finished many of iraqi police come like a gang and take the responsible on the demonstration with many of his friends from student and take them to unknown place then after 2 days they found them were killed as a result of bestial torture i`m query now?? what kind of freedom is this?? or is it the price of freedom???